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11 Nov 2020
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Specification of Tabung Reaksi

The reaction tube is a tube made of a kind of glass or plastic that can withstand changes in temperature and is resistant to chemical reactions. The Reaction Tubes are equipped with a lid and some are closed. Consisting of various sizes depending on needs. The reaction tube is also called Test Tube or Culture tube. Culture Tube is a lipless test tube which is usually used for breeding microorganisms in a liquid medium.

Test tube functions include:
-As a place to react to chemicals
-To carry out small-scale chemical reactions
-As a place for microbial breeding in liquid media

As the name suggests, the function of a test tube is a place where we react chemicals in a laboratory. This tool is made of clear glass material so that the chemical reaction process in this tube can be seen clearly by the analyst. This tube also has heat / fire resistance, because as we know some chemical reaction processes run by requiring heat. Some types of reactions that usually use these tubes are oxidation / reduction reactions.

The test tube has a size variation both in terms of length or diameter, for that we must ensure the purpose of use of this tube before buying it. The following are some variants of the length of this tube, 23; 12; 14; 22; 15; 16; 11 centimeters, while for the diameter varies from 2.2; 1; 1.2; 1.9; 1.6 centimeters. Apart from the size, there are also 2 types of tubes, namely equipped with a lid and not equipped with a lid.

To facilitate the work in chemical laboratories, in the use of these test tubes we usually also use test tube racks and test tube clamps which are also sold in various sizes.

a test tube is one of the tools needed in every chemical experiment, so we often find these test tube brush props in a chemical laboratory. The main function of a test tube brush pipette is to clean the test tube, measuring cup, measuring flask, etc. after use.

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